Finding the right car rental service can be a hassle, and it can be quite difficult to gain access to the ideal car in the proper price range for you. Luckily, Avis has you covered on all of your car rental needs. According to, this fantastic rental service has over five-thousand locations all over the globe in one hundred and sixty-five countries. Avis makes it a priority to give you many options by offering a wide array of vehicles from economy cars, to SUVs as well as luxury vehicles depending on your unique needs and price range. So make use of this excellent service the next time you are on a business trip or book a special vacation, and you will be sure to get access to the right rental vehicle for you.

As any car rental customer can tell you, getting a great price is essential and is something you should never overlook. Luckily, by continuing to read, you will find out the many excellent methods you can use to earn savings the next time you patronize an Avis car rental location. This way you can make the most of your hard-earned cash, all while riding in style.

Top Tips for Saving With Avis

  • Use Helpful Avis Promo CodesFor a comprehensive list of exclusive coupon codes that will be sure to earn you great savings, check out Slick There you will be able to access great deals, like twenty-five percent off of your next rental, ten percent off of weekly base rates, and free upgrade opportunities all available with just one click. The savings opportunities mentioned above are only a small fraction of what is available, so be sure to check out the entire list for yourself.
  • Look For Rental Deals Online – After making use of the promo codes mentioned above, you can also look at Avis’ Offers section, where you can select your location and gain access to a list of special deals and even more coupon codes that will be sure to help you save a ton on your next rental.
  • Pay Upfront for Discounts – Simply make use of Avis’ “Pay Now” option that will allow you to pay for your rental in full upfront. By using this method of direct payment, you can earn up to thirty percent off of the total rental cost.  If you plan on using a coupon or promo code that is time-sensitive, you can apply it with this upfront payment method to ensure you can use it before it expires.
  • Sign Up For the Avis E-mail List – By applying to this service, Avis will notify you about new promotions and special deals right when they begin, so you can take full advantage of these savings opportunities. Join on Avis’ website by providing them with your email address after selecting the email program link at the bottom of their home page. You may even earn an exclusive promo code just for signing up.

Start Saving Today

Renting the perfect vehicle can be very expensive, but if you take advantage of the savings opportunities listed above, it does not have to be. Use exclusive promo codes to earn excellent savings, check for special discounted rental offers online, pay upfront on your next rental bill, and sign up for the exclusive email list, and you will be sure to save a great deal on your next car rental.

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