In this guide, we’ve compiled a list of the best and most popular party cities in Europe, but honestly, you can have fun in just about any city. We’ve compiled a list of cities with some of the most legendary parties and clubs.

The rich and famous travel to London to celebrate, so going to the best clubs can be expensive (and you’re better off dressing to the side). We recommend that you check prices online before visiting high-end nightclubs and nightlife venues if you are on a budget in one of the main places to enjoy the best nightlife in Europe. On the other hand, don’t expect low prices, as parties in Amsterdam can get expensive.

Although London is one of the most expensive party cities in Europe, you can still find a good deal if you’re on a budget – most clubs and bars have price lists on their websites so you can get an idea of ​​the cost. London is one of the best party cities in Europe, but it’s also one of the most expensive. London with all its great bars will make a hole in your pocket with just a few pegs. London is one of the best party cities in Europe and also one of the most expensive.

London is the theatre, music and arts capital of the world and has the highest concentration of world celebrities living outside of Los Angeles. London is full of top-notch celebrities, but finding them in the middle of a busy city can be tricky.

But other times, it’s just nice to feel like a top celebrity battling the paparazzi as you sneak into a swanky London restaurant. So, whether you’re looking to dine with celebrities in style, or even eat at the same restaurants favoured by the famous and rich, luckily there are plenty of popular London gastronomy establishments to choose from.

Great view of Amsterdam and one of the most exclusive clubs in the city. Amsterdam is teeming with some of the city’s hippest and hippest clubs. There are plenty of bars where you can find affordable beer, and if you’re in the mood to dance, you’ll have no problem finding clubs all over the city.

Long established as Europe’s Mecca for legal and taxable forfeiture, you probably won’t be surprised to find the Netherlands’ second city on this list of Europe’s best nightlife spots. From fine local beers to local bands; from DJs from all over the world to music festivals; and from fabulous party spots to crazy parties, Berlin tops the charts when it comes to Europe’s best nightlife. Of course, this wouldn’t be a countdown of the best party cities in Europe without mentioning the inimitable Berlin. While Brighton is a lot of fun all year round, Brighton is probably best suited for the list of the best summer party cities in Europe.

If you live in Europe then it’s very easy to take for granted the fact that you can perhaps just jump on train to go and enjoy the nightlife in a neighbouring country and then be home the next morning reminiscing about the previous night.

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