The world is your oyster at last when it comes to great, tailor-made travel ideas for a romantic escape. Are you and your special someone looking for a fabulous getaway? If so, you have many beautiful and romantic places to choose from that will make your special moments even more memorable. These travel destinations are a perfect blend of romance, relaxation and adventure. When you plan your vacation, these destinations provide you with opportunities to experience the magic of time in their beautiful and scenic glory.

When it comes to great vacations, nothing beats an African safari. Take the family on a trip to this amazing location where they can bond together, observe nature in its true light and enjoy a variety of exciting activities. You will be able to witness wild animals like elephants, rhinos, lions and leopards in their natural habitats. On your safari, you will also get an up close and personal glimpse of the stunning scenery and landscapes of the savannas and other natural hot spots in Africa. When planning your African safari, make sure that you pack comfortable African safari suits, comfortable, African safari boots and other items that you and your loved ones may need on your trip.

For a truly memorable vacation, why not take part in luxury cruises in the Caribbean? Sea life excursions, snorkeling and swimming lessons are just some of the many exciting onboard activities that you can participate in while aboard a cruise ship that docks at many different ports around the Caribbean. Your travel ideas for a Caribbean cruise would include Caribbean cruise lines such as Carnival, Princess, Royal Caribbean International, Caribbean Cruises, Holland/America and Norwegian.

Another fun and affordable travel ideas for a romantic getaway include taking your adventure to Europe. There are many places to see and explore in this region of the world and staying at some of the world class inns and bed & breakfasts will give you a wonderful opportunity to experience European culture. Some of the most popular and romantic European cities to visit are Paris, Rome, Venice, Amsterdam, London and Madrid. One of the best ways to travel Europe is on a budget with cheap vacation packages offered by various tour and travel companies.

Backpackers also have many adventure trips to choose from. Adventure tours like trekking, white water rafting, rock climbing, mountaineering, hiking and more offer outdoor enthusiasts the chance to explore the awe-inspiring natural beauty of foreign countries. Adventure tours like Delhi Tourism Mission trip, India Adventure Tour, India Culture and Folk Festival Tour, India & Pakistan Journeys and adventure tours to Nepal, can be tailor made according to your interests and can be tailored by travel agents. Delhi has a large number of budget hotels, inns, hostels and camping sites that cater to backpackers who are looking for a more affordable accommodation option. Delhi also offers affordable accommodation options for those looking for a more private experience.

Last minute vacation plans give people the opportunity to make last minute arrangements. Since it is impossible to plan every last minute travel or emergency, last minute plans are a great option when you need to take an urgent flight or train reservation or arrange overnight accommodation. Last minute plans often result in travelers booking tickets at last minute prices, thereby saving hundreds of dollars. Last minute airfares can help travelers reduce costs.

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