If you love to travel, you will want to know as much as possible about London’s transport system. This is where the London Pass comes into play. The Pass is not really for walking but rather for using public transport in London. There are many reasons for choosing the London Pass including: it allows you to see more sites, including Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Westminster Palace and the Tower of London; it costs less than the cost of a single visit; and best of all it’s totally free! There are some great routes that can be used with the London Pass.

The most popular part of the London Pass is the underground station, Euston. This is operated by the London Underground. The journey from Euston to the Garage, Oxford Street, Knightsbridge Central are under two hours. You can take the Underground trains from the Garage to the city centre, but a number of buses run along the route. The buses run on a part-time schedule during weekends and holidays.

The busiest part of the Underground, Kings Cross, is also well known. This station is operated by the National Tube. Most of the buses routes from Kings Cross to go through the Churchgate and Finchley Road Underground stations. Traveling from the Kings Cross station to the London Eye is half an hour. If you have time left, you could go shopping at the Oxford Street Market. Traveling from the London Eye to Finchley Road is also possible taking the bus or the Underground.

If you prefer to take public transport, there are two routes that are quite famous. The Piccadilly Circus buses go through Holborn, Central London and the City of Westminster. The Victoria and Albert Park bus go towards Putney, Knightsbridge and West Kensington. These routes form part of the famous Piccadilly Circus transfer. For those who prefer to use cabs, there are many luxury London cabs that operate between Mayfair and Piccadilly Circus.

There are other options to travel to London. You could use trains such as the Victoria and Albert Park Express, the London Marylebone Railway, the Piccadilly Circus Express and Crossrail. There are also coach hire companies that provide cabs for short trips across London. You can check the internet to search for these coaches or one for your trip.

Once you have decided on the mode of transportation that suits you best, book your ticket online to avoid last minute hassles. Online booking is very convenient and fast. The information about the bus or train you wish to travel is easily available. There are many websites that compare ticket prices of various companies so that you get the best deal. These sites also provide details about the routes, fares and facilities provided by various operators.

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