A travel policy is a package of activities designed by an organization, school or office to support healthy, safe and environmentally sustainable travel choices. Plans can reduce travel time, save fuel, increase productivity, save money and contribute to the community and the natural environment. An effective travel policy can be the difference between saving money on travel and ending up in the dog house at the end of the trip.

Every year, a large amount of money is wasted due to poor travel planning. A travel policy should be comprehensive, covering all the basics, such as whether to board a flight, drive or use public transport and how to avoid being late for your flight or arriving late at your destination. It should also cover any planned activity on your travels and whether these activities are sustainable or not. The most effective travel policies implement good travel management principles, drawing upon evidence about the impact of travel on the environment, as well as the benefits of sustainable tourism. Following are some tips on developing a sustainable travel policy.

Many companies now provide e-learning travel planning products that combine the best of traditional and online learning with interactive and engaging content. eLearning offers several benefits over conventional travel planning methods: you can take courses around the world without leaving the comfort of your own home, eLearning lets you see the destinations and see how they are being developed, there is no need for you to be in possession of any travel documents, eLearning is delivered by trained professional facilitators who are available to teach you on an individual basis, it doesn’t cost any more than conventional training and you can access it anywhere, and most importantly, you can get involved at any level – from beginner to experienced traveler. eLearning can also be taken part-time, on an ad hoc basis. eLearning allows for an integrated approach to travel planning, which includes both processes of creating travel itineraries, as well as all aspects of management, monitoring travel status and reviewing eBooks and receipts. In addition, you will learn about sustainable tourism, cultural differences, local business culture and history, and sustainability issues as related to health, business practices, business growth, and taxation.

Another alternative to traditional travel planning is to engage the services of a workplace travel adviser, who will take into consideration all of your travel needs and help you develop a sustainable travel plan that meets your needs. Workplace travel advice consultants are trained in all areas of employee travel planning and are supported by expert facilitators who can tailor-fit your needs to suit your unique professional goals. They can make sure that you have all of your bases covered, making sure that you know what, when, where and how you will use your time away from work. A workplace travel advisor can support you through every step of your planning, making sure that you get the most out of every trip.

There are many professional organizations that offer specialized travel planning support for employees. These include the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA), which offer the Bachelor’s degree in Travel and Tourism, and the International Culinary Federation (ICF) which offer the Master’s degree in Culinary Arts and International Trade and Hospitality Management. The International Culinary Federation offers online courses in culinary arts, management, and public relations, so that working professionals who are interested in travel planning can continue to improve their skills while enriching their career options. Both of these professional organizations offer valuable workplace travel plans workshops and employee referral programs that can benefit current and future career goals.

The best part about these professional organizations is that they offer flexible, convenient travel plans with affordable rates and no obligation. You can contact a professional consultant for personalized, customized solutions for all of your professional and personal travel needs. With flexible plans and affordable rates, you can enjoy planning your next family vacation or business travel without ever worrying about a late payment or losing money on unused funds. With a sustainable transport and tourism strategy in place, you can rest easy knowing that you are making travel plans that will leave you feeling prepared and well-prepared for your next trip.

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