"Revolutions: A Road Trip of 10 Million Landscapes" Fine Art Book

Revolutions is the story of breaking free. The story of escape. The story of leaving urban life and setting out into the wilderness. The story of a month living in a van and exploring the American southwest. 

"Revolutions: A Road Trip of 10 Million Landscapes" is the fine art photography book that documents the journey to break free and become nomads.

Have you ever considered what it would be like to escape your urban life and explore the open road?
If you could press pause on your life, where would you go?
Join internationally published and award winning landscape photographer Kristen Meister as she does exactly that - embarking on a 3,682 mile road trip through the American southwest. Kristen’s fine art landscape photography is sure to capture your heart, while her story of life on the road will have you eager to plan your own escape.
— Kristen Meister, "Revolutions"

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