An Exploration of 10 Million Revolutions

Revolutions is the story of breaking free. The story of escape. The story of leaving urban life and setting out into the wilderness. The story of a month living in a van and exploring the American southwest. 

"Revolutions: A Road Trip of 10 Million Landscapes" is the fine art photography book that documents the journey to break free and become nomads.

Join the Journey: A message FROM THE AUTHOR

I am extremely excited to announce the publication of my first book, titled "Revolutions: A Road Trip of 10 Million Landscapes." This fine art photography book features 160 pages of my finest images and novel chronicling the month living in a van photographing the American Southwest.

I did not plan on writing this book - it happened almost by accident. In addition to spending my nights editing photos and planning the next adventure, I typed up detailed notes of the journey. It was important to me that every part of the trip - from the bad moments and mis-queques to the incredible sunrises - was captured for my memory. By the midpoint of the trip, it was clear I had something interesting here....and proceeded to write Revolutions.

We have all dreamt of the opportunity to press pause on our urban life and set out into the wilderness. Revolutions is your chance to embrace nomad life and to journey into the unknown with me.

It is an honor to say I have published a book, and I look forward to putting a copy in your hands soon. Please remember to also sign up for updates on the project as they are available.


160 Pages   |   Hardcover Dust Jacket   |   Semi-Matte 80# Paper

Have you ever considered what it would be like to escape your urban life and explore the open road?

If you could press pause on your life, where would you go?
— Kristen Meister, "Revolutions"

A Selection of Prints from the Book

One morning I was laying in the van looking up at the ceiling and pondering possible titles. My mind drifted onto the topics I would cover and how so much of the trip was cyclical: every day I looked up the sunrise and sunset times, every day we built a bed at night and converted it back into a table in the morning, every day we drove and explored someplace new and interesting.

I hesitate to say it was repetitive, as that may imply dull, but humans are creatures of habit, and with a change in habitat from house to van, we had adopted some new behaviors. As those habits repeated over and over, and given the number of other naturally cyclical descriptors for our trip, I decided to describe the adventure in terms of revolutions.

Naturally the easiest revolution to define is the number of rotations completed by the tires on our camper van — a total of over 10 million tire revolutions for the 3,862 miles completed on our journey.
— Kristen Meister, "Revolutions"

Supporters Only: Behind-the-Scenes Access to Revolutions

Support the publication of "Revolutions" through the Kickstarter Campaign or purchase of a book and you will gain access to a special "Behind-the-Scenes of Revolutions" page with additional content about life on the road, photographs, and a Q&A section. But you must support "Revolutions" to get access to the page!


10 Million Revolutions: Where it took us

STOP 2: Joshua Tree National Park

STOP 1: London >>> Los Angeles, California


STOP 4: Slot Canyons & Horseshoe Bend

STOP 3: Grand Canyon National Park


STOP 5: Monument Valley

STOP 6: Arches National Park


STOP 7: Canyonlands

STOP 8: Bryce Canyon National Park


STOP 9: Zion National Park

STOP 10: Valley of the Fire State Park


STOP 11: Hoover Dam

STOP 12: Las Vegas, Nevada


STOP 13: Death Valley National Park

STOP 14: Lake Tahoe


STOP 15: Napa Valley, California

STOP 16: San Francisco, California


STOP 17: Coastal Highway Route 1

STOP 18: Santa Barbara, California


All photographs seen in "Revolutions" were made with Leica Cameras.