A Road Trip of 10 Million Landscapes

Freedom.   Escape.   Different.   Amazing.   Exciting.   Unique.   Adventure.

We have all wondered what it would be like to put our bill paying, work commuting and errand running life on hold. What it would be like to escape all the little details that can bog down life and go explore, totally liberated. 'Revolutions' is a fine art photography book that searches for a new perspective on the iconic road trip. The stories and photographs are certain to capture your heart, engage your sense of adventure, and excite your senses.


about revolutions - a journey like none before

A few months ago I set out on a journey like none before - a journey to live life as a nomad. I rented a van and drove 3,682 miles through the American southwest.

Unlike most road trips, where you might stop in a hotel, I slept, ate, and lived entirely out of the van. I was liberated, I was untethered from society, and I was free to explore the road ahead. Not knowing what lay ahead, 'Revolutions' depicts that iconic American road trip in a way never seen before - through the stories of the trip and fine art photographs

'Revolutions' is the story of letting go and being free - from the preparations to the mis-queues along the route. The name 'Revolutions' comes from the 10 million tire rotations that made up the journey, which became symbolic for cyclical nature of the adventure. With each sunrise, I set out to capture the landscape’s incredible details - from the soft light to the dramatic clouds - all so that I could bring the journey to life.

'Revolutions' will expose you to the realities of life on the road - from the spectacular sunsets to the close encounters with dangerous scorpions! Over the past few months, I have painstakingly reviewed all of my artwork to select only the best photographs of the American landscape. 'Revolutions' combines two arts - that of photography and writing - to present a road trip like none other. These adventures - and many more - are told in a beautiful harmony of short stories and photographs.

Through the stories contained in 'Revolutions', you will join me for the most incredible hikes and brilliant sunsets - all with a touch of humor and light-hearted sarcasm. 

This is no ordinary travel or photography book; it is a documentary of adventure. By the end of 'Revolutions', you will be packing your bags, itching to load your car and set off down the road to explore the unknown.

This book is a work of art, so I have carefully selected every element of the final book. The final book contains 160 full color pages and is printed by a professional high-resolution publishing company on a heavy weight semi-gloss paper. 

'Revolutions' was, in many ways, written during the course of the journey. Each night, I would jot detailed notes from the day into a small notebook; these notes became the basis for the story. 

'Revolutions' Hardcover Fine Art Book


Artists do not rush great work, and that is certainly true with this book - it has taken over six months of work to complete the final manuscript. The love I have poured into this project makes the book a true work of art - something you will want to share with friends and family. 

  • Format: 8x10 inches / 20x25 centimeters

  • Hardcover

  • Glossy dust jacket

  • 160 pages of high resolution printing

  • Semi-matte 80# paper with perfect sheen

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All photographs seen in "Revolutions" were made with Leica Cameras.