What if you could put your life on hold?
Escape the hustle-and-bustle of urban living and head into the wilderness.... Welcome to the Revolution.

From the Author


I am extremely excited to announce the publication of my first book, titled "Revolutions: A Journey of 10 Million Through the American Southwest." This fine art photography book features 150 pages of my finest images and novel chronicling the 2016 Edition of the Scenic Traverse Road Trip - a month living in a van driving around the American Southwest.

I didn't plan on writing this book - it happened almost by accident. In addition to spending my nights editing photos and planning the next day's adventures, I typed up detailed notes of the journey. It was important to me that every part of the trip - from the bad moments and mis-queques to the incredible sunrises - was captured for my memory. By the midpoint of the trip, it was clear I had something interesting here.... I mean how many people put their whole life on hold to drive around for a month in the back of a van?

The finished notes from the trip are the backbone of the book, with images from the journey intermixed. I promise that you'll laugh. I promise that you'll smile. I promise that you'll want to plan your own adventure after reading Revolutions!

Thank you for purchasing a copy of Revolutions. It's a honor to be able to say I've published a book, and your support is greatly appreciated! 



Published 2017
158 Pages
Hardcover Dust Jacket Cover
Semi-matte 80# paper

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Publishing a book is expensive. In order to offer books at a reasonable price, I need to mass print copies, which is why I am holding a Kickstarter campaign to generate the revenue required to mass print. I hope I can earn your support!