A Long Overdue Update from Kristen

Hey Folks! I've been a terrible person lately - my blog has atrophied as I have been working on my move back to Washington, DC - and I owe you an update. So let's go:

First - I got back at the very end of February, but my return has not been drama-free. As soon as my flight touched down in DC, I got an email that the ship transporting my car across the Atlantic had caught fire, and they weren't sure if it was lost in the fire. (Two weeks later I heard it was okay, but it was a dramatic start to my move!) Second, we sold literally every piece of furniture we owned in the UK and needed to buy everything new..... bed, sofa, desk, dressers, chairs, lamps, tv, entertainment center, etc. Third, we had to buy a new car because we only had one and it was questionably charred in the middle of the ocean. Oh.... and I am starting a new job, retrieving my pets from their flight back to America, moving from a hotel into an apartment, and slowly taking delivery of my personal belongings. Phew.

I'm not complaining, but I do have a quasi-valid excuse for my delinquency in updating the blog! Unfortunately I am still not 100% moved in - we are waiting for our final shipment from the UK, which happens to be the one containing most of my camera gear. So, yeah, it's one I kinda want.

The good news is that I'll be getting more active on the blog again as I get moved in and finalize this headache process. I have a few projects from my time overseas to wrap up (including the book I am writing!) and have some new projects in mind.

One of these will be to capture the essence of America's pastime... Baseball! Here are some teaser pics to prove that I still take photographs!

So stay tuned, because more great stuff is coming. And thanks for hanging around while I get organized!