ST Road Trip: Joshua Tree Update

Hi friends! First, sorry there is only one photo with this post..... to say that I'm operating on pre-historic Internet speeds out here in the middle of Arizona would be an understatement. It's hard being on the fringes of 'on the grid!'

Today was a beautiful day for the #ST_RoadTrip. We woke up in the middle of the night and admired the stars over Joshua Tree National Park, and I took a few night photographs (including the attached one). As the sun rose, we again clambered out of the comfort of the camper van and watched an incredible sunrise over the park - the sky was every shade of pink and purple.

The morning was then spent inside Joshua Tree NP, admiring their famous cacti and walking on a trail that contained old remnants of a miners town. Despite a daytime high in the mid-60s, we were quite hot, as the sun beamed down on us unforgivingly. I may have even gotten a tan!

There are two days with brutally long drives built in - today was one of those. We had 5 1/2 hour drive from Joshua Tree to the edge of Sedona, Arizona. We're still two hours south of the Grand Canyon.... but the drive offered some additional photo ops and a chance to really marvel at the size of this country.

The photo below was taken with the Leica Store UK SL (Type 601) and 24-90mm lens. I used a tripod and used my headlamp to lightly paint the front of the Joshua Tree's with some light. The final exposure was two minutes long, hence the little star trails. The moon has been brighter than 1000 suns - it was casting shadows and any longer with the exposures and it started to wash out the sky. 

As always, thanks for tuning in and for all the comments. Hopefully my internet situation will improve to permit sharing of even more shots soon!