Quick Shot(s): Little Gransden Airfield

Hey Folks! About a week ago I signed off for my move to the United Kingdom, where I'll be living with my husband for the next 3-5 years. We arrived safely earlier this week and have been busy buying a car, renting a house, getting a bank account.... all the things you have to do start over in a new country!

For temporary lodging, we've been staying at the Fullers Hill Cottages, which are very nice extended stay residences west of Cambridge. The cottages back up to a small private airfield, called the Little Gransden Airfield, which is home to some really fun and unique aircraft. I've been spending a few days photographing the various aircraft here and wanted to share some of these photos as my first Quick Shots from the UK - but stay tuned because I've got more great stuff coming soon!