Quick Shot: Leesylvania Fishing Pier

I posted yesterday about my adventure to Leesylvania State Park to capture my 10 minute photograph, but wanted to share another from that location of the fishing pier. Like my earlier photo, this was shot using a neutral density filter and a long exposure to blur the water and make the crowd of people milling around look as though they were never there!

Composing this photo wasn't very difficult - but the challenge was keeping the camera still. I was centered on the fishing pier, which is a wooden pier that extends some distance into the water. Unfortunately (for me), the pier bounces and shakes as people walk on it, so I actually had to time this photo for a break in the Memorial Day crowds to get 20 seconds without anyone tromping up and down the bridge near the camera. It took several tries - I felt like every time I clicked the shutter a jogger with metal boots came out of nowhere to shake the heck out of the bridge - but I finally prevailed over the lead foot joggers! This was the only one that was tack sharp with no vibrations from the bridge, which coincidentally also had the sun and clouds in the best position! 

I edited the photograph in Adobe Photoshop and using the Nik Collection of software. I think the end result looks very inviting - what do you think?

With a little luck, I managed to get a long exposure of the fishing pier looking back at the shore without anyone walking in my photograph! I used a neutral density filter to give a long exposure in the evening light.