Quick Shots: Cinque Terre Trio

One of the stops I was most excited for during our travel through Italy was to see the five coastal towns that make up the Cinque Terre region. Cinque Terre is world famous for several things - olives, pesto, and beauty. The region is very hilly and residents have learned to live on nearly vertical cliffs by building clever farming systems. Most of the residents live near the water and have built their houses up the steep cliffs. Adding to the beauty is the bright color that every house and building is painted - you can't find a ugly thing in the area!

This makes it very easy to photograph! Everywhere you point your camera is a photo opportunity begging to be photographed. It's actually so easy that it's hard - I have to capture so much more than bright colors and hills - I have to capture that feeling of beauty that I felt being there in person.

I chose these three photos to tell the story - each was taken at another stop in Cinque Terre, but they each show a slightly different perspective on one of the towns. This is one place I can't wait to go back and visit!