Quick Shot: Single Leaf

Every so often I make a point of digging through the photo archives to see what I've "lost" in the midst of all my work. I think of it as the spring cleaning for my hard drive!

I took a few hours today to dig through some older photos that never made my website because they were overshadowed or lost in depths. I came back with several finds and decided to dust off one of these oldies for today's quick shot.

This single leaf was photographed last fall along a waterfall hike. I don't remember exactly where I took it, but I do remember being struck by the perfect contrast between the bright leaf and dark rock. It's an incredibly simple photograph and even simpler scene to photograph, but that's what makes photos like this so fun for me - I enjoy the challenge of making a simple scene worth photographing.

Don't worry, I've got plenty of new stuff on the way (including some new equipment reviews), but today, we'll enjoy an image that got lost in the archives.

_DSC5522 copy.jpg