Quick Shot: Great Blue

If you've been following my Quick Shot's over the past few months, then you've seen plenty of herons and egrets.... but I can't help myself and have to share another photograph of a Great Blue Heron. These birds capture my attention and are so much fun to photograph! 

Heron's are opportunity feeders and are constantly looking for small fish, crawfish, or other crustaceans to snack on. It's incredibly fun to watch them hunt in these murky waters for a meal - I often find myself forgetting to take photos because I'm so enthralled with watching them! Equally interesting is the way they walk.... although most birds are "backwards jointed," the awkward nature of their walk has to be seen in person to fully appreciate. 

I took this photograph at Huntley Meadows. It's a wonderful park, but recent construction has kept me away for most of the season. I liked this shot because of the detail in his feathers and the awkward pose I caught him in as he walked in search of food. 

Stay tuned for more bird photos coming soon.... raptor migration season is almost here! 

_DSC4806-1 copy.jpg