Quick Shot: Lunch in a Tree

Yesterday I shared about my chance encounter with an Osprey that was feeding on a fish, but the photo I posted was of the Osprey flying over the tree while clutching his fish. I figured I owe you another image of this amazing raptor so you can share in the experience of seeing him eat in a tree. 

Although I've never personally tried it, I would imagine it requires a fair bit of coordination to be a 5lb bird, sitting high in a tree, holding a fish in your talons and bending over to rip the fish apart with your beak. That, or you've done this once or twice.  

I took a zillion shots of this bird as he ate this fish, but I selected this one as my favorite to share. The expression on his face as he looks at his catch is one of great satisfaction and you really get a chance to appreciate the size of his catch. 

Next time you decide to spice up your lunch, try taking it to the top of a tree, holding it in your foot, and bending over to eat it. If you're successful, send me a photo, but I'm not liable if you're actually crazy/dumb enough to try it and fall! 

_DSC5084 copy.jpg