Quick Shot: Geology

Geology was by no means my best subject in school - there was something about lava and rocks and magma, but the rest of the details are a little fuzzy! However, I do have a appreciation for the natural beauty of some geology and try to keep my eyes open for any opportunities rocks may present me. 

This quick shot was one of those instances where I just walked upon my subject. These rocks are actually part of a cliff overlooking the canyon at Blackwater Falls State Park, but it wasn't the view of the canyon that caught my eye, it was the ground I was standing on! It'd been raining all day and the water had caused these rocks to really pop with color. Helping the image were the overcast skies that cast a soft light on the rocks.

My eye was immediately attracted to these rocks - I barely paid any attention to the overlook I'd come to see! I took several shots to play with the composition but liked this one the best because of the little pebbles and details. Even as I write this blog post, I'm still in awe of the amazing color and detail in these rocks and some of the little treasures nature delivers.

_DSC1950 copy.jpg