The Photo Sherpa

The Photo Sherpa provides unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to Scenic Traverse Photography, Kristen Meister, and the life of a professional photographer.

Ever wonder what it takes to becomes a professional photographer? Is it the eye for detail? The ability to create art from the world that surrounds you? An expensive camera? Well.... Yes... All of these that play a factor, but the key ingredient to a professional photographer, the special sauce if you will, boils down to one thing: the assistant. 

It's true! 

A survey of photo assistants recently found that 9 out 10 thought they were the reason for their photographer’s success. (Note A: no survey could be found to back up this claim)

At, Kristen has that special sauce and it comes in the form of a Photo Sherpa. This man, with the superpowers to haul whatever gear is required for the task of the day, helps Kristen focus on the shot on hand. Tiger Woods didn't make that winning chip shot without a caddy and Scenic Traverse didn't make an award winning photograph without a soft whisper in the background saying, "What are we doing here again?" (Note B: Whispers such as these are typically followed with a silent reminder to shut up; Note C: While these award winning images and whispers of "what are we doing here?" do have a strong correlation, causation definitely doesn't exists)

In all seriousness, the lion share of the work of ScenicTraverse Photography is by the artist, Kristen Meister. However, I wanted to create this corner, where you the fans, can get some behind the scenes looks at what it takes to create the art of Scenic Traverse Photography. All this with a little bit of dry humor. You've been warned. (Note D: seriously though you've been warned - no complaints on dry sarcasm)