Revolutions - The Book

Phew! It's been a tremendously long slog to get to this point, but we've arrived! Barring any major setbacks, I've completed the arduous process of writing my first book, "Revolutions."

I have never attempted to seriously write a book before, and I have gained a much better appreciation for what's involved. From dozens of manuscripts to bribing friends to serve as copy editors, it's been painful and fulfilling at the same time! 

Today I sent the final manuscripts to the publishing company and they will now produce a final proof for my approval before we go to mass printing. Unfortunately, it's expensive to make high quality books, so I need to order hundreds of books in order to make the cost reasonable. For that reason, I'll soon be hosting a Kickstarter campaign to fund the publishing of this book, which will also be available on vendors like

So stay tuned, because I'll be sharing more soon, and I look forward to having your support.

For now - check out this link to preview the first 15 pages of the book!

Kristen Meister