Quick Shot: Lavender

This weekend I found myself knee deep in lavender at a local lavender farm in Hitchin, England. The farm was full of lavender pickers and people enjoying a beautiful day surrounded by purple plants and I was eager to explore the photo opportunities. There's a bit of irony to these photographs - the lavender fields are full of bees pollenating the millions of plants, so I wore jeans to protect my legs as I shot. As we walked through the rows of lavender, my husband commented that the bees will only sting if provoked and are more interested in the plants than in the people walking around. Not two minutes later, I bend down slightly to get a better angle on the lavender and when I stand up, I have a bee stinging me in the knee. Apparently the little buggers can sting through jeans! Two days later, I am nursing a very swollen and red knee, but I still got the images I wanted and that's what matters!

Using the Leica M-P 240 and the Summarit-M f/2.4 35mm lens, I captured what I thought was the essence of purple (and red, if you count my knee)!