Quick Shot: Hurricane Pilot

I have thousands of photographs in my personal collections, but very few of those images feature a person as the primary subject. When I saw this pilot getting into the cockpit of his Hawker Hurricane, I knew I just had to get a quick portrait photo.

He had no idea I was taking his photograph, which makes the image and his expression 100% genuine. I had watched as he climbed up the wing and opened the cockpit canopy. As he started to climb inside, I just let it rip with the camera's shutter, knowing that something he was about to do would be worthy of a portrait. Sure enough, I got this expression of deep concentration as he was getting situated.

I love photographs of people in black and white, so there was no question that I'd be converting the image, with an extra emphasis on capturing the detail and lines in his face.

Shot with the Nikon D610 and Nikon 80-400mm telephoto lens.