Quick Shot: Westmoreland Beach

Several weeks ago I went to Westmoreland State Park, which is about an hour and a half from my house to it's famous fossil beach.

Although I didn't find any sharks teeth or t-rex remains, I did find a nice stretch of beach to try another stacked long exposure. This image is comprised of 13 separate photographs, each ranging from 30-40 seconds in exposure, which were then stacked and processed together. As a result, you see the long wispy movement of the clouds as they moved across the sky.

To process this image actually takes more work than it may seem; each of the 13 photographs is over 70MB in size (Nikon RAW NEF files) so my computer would choke if I asked it to stitch those at once. Instead, I converted them to TIFF files and processed them individually, only stitching them together at the very end. It is a very time consuming process and you never know how the photograph will come out until the very end - but that's part of the thrill when it all works! In all, between taking and processing these images, this photograph took almost 2 hours to make - and that's not including time spent driving or hiking!