Video: How To Catch A Fish (If You Are an Osprey)

Today my friend Tim and I went out to explore Dyke Marsh, which is in Alexandria, Virginia, just a few miles south of Washington, DC. I'd been to Dyke Marsh once previously and it was a fruitful trip, so I figured I should visit again!

My expectation, given the time of year, was that we'd see our fill of Blue Herons and maybe a few nesting birds - but the star of the day today were the Osprey's!

I've had a chance to photograph Osprey's previously at Mason Neck State Park and they're a fun bird to watch and work with; they will hover over a body of water and then dive bomb to catch a fish. In the past, I have caught parts or this process, but they are usually too far away or fast for me to get great shots of the whole sequence.

Today was my lucky day. We saw a mated pair of Osprey's who had setup a nest in the marsh and had hours to photograph them through all parts of the fishing process. I got so many cool shots from today that I thought it'd be fun to merge them all into a short gag how-to video that demonstrates how these amazing birds get their meal. Check it out!

Join Kristen from Scenic Traverse Photography for a short gag how-to video that will instruct you on catching a fish and providing for your wife (if you are an osprey). All images and video were taken on 5 May 2014 at Dyke Marsh in Alexandria, Virginia.