Quick Shot: Antique Junkyard

Ever been to a place that is so full of trash and junk that you are confused and intrigued at the same time? Welcome to Old Car City, Georgia

This place is essentially a junk yard on steroids for old rusty, crusty, and nasty automobiles. You can probably find any commonly made car from the last 80 years decaying on this huge compound. It's a mess of twisted metal, history, and art that will have you wondering if your tetanus shot is up to date.

I spent 3 hours exploring and shooting almost 15 gigabytes of rusted cars - it was very weird but very satisfying to have so much of our history on display for me to photograph. I have a ton of future Quick Shots to come from Old Car City, but I'll start with one I really like.

This was one of the last cars I photographed and was also one of the few not obscured by tree cover, meaning there was a nice late afternoon light kissing the front of the chrome parts. It looked stellar in color, but this photograph really jumped out in black and white. There is so much texture and detail in this photograph from all the peeling paint and rusted metal - I am a little disappointed that a digital print really doesn't do the photograph justice. To fully appreciate this photo, you'd need it printed nice and large to get a sense for the intense detail and texture on this car. 

Can anyone ID what model of car this is? If so, leave me a comment!

Check out all the killer detail and texture on the peeling paint and rust on this car! I can't wait to print this image on some monster paper and see the detail come to life! Can you ID the car?