Quick Shot: Waves Crashing

I sometimes find landscape shots in the most unexpected places. In this case, I found this rocky beach in the coastal towns of Chinque Terre, Italy. We were walking through the brightly colored houses built into the cliff sides and came across this little beach where strong waves were pounding against the rocks. The waves were more intense than usual due to some heavy winds, which created all this drama as the water flew up from hitting the rocks.

Waves can be very thrilling to photograph because they are completely unexpected-- you can never guess what the next wave will bring you. So I put the camera into a slow shutter speed (1/2 second) and stabilized it against a metal pole. With every wave, I held the shutter to get a series of exposures capturing all the drama. I took about 50 of those shots, but these two were my favorite for the way the water was flying in the shot.