Quick Shot: Going Nuts

The most common critters can sometimes make for the best subjects. Such was the case with this chipmunk, who posed nicely for today's Quick Shot. 

Growing up, my sister and I used to call them "chip-a-monk-a's" and I still have the urge to say that every time I see a chipmunk. I love watching them dart through our backyard, but they rarely give me such an interesting pose.

I was actually on a hike to a raptor observatory when I saw this guy on the side of the trail. He had just scooped up an acorn and was peeling it in his mouth. I pulled out the camera and started snapping off a few shots. He seemed surprised by me and sat there for several minutes watching me as I photographed him.  

The lighting on his face was very soft and I thought it was the kind of photo that makes you say "aww, what a cute chip-a-monk-a"! 


_DSC5621 copy.jpg